Tuesday, January 10, 2012

About the my player Offsets....

The offsets are dynamic and not static.Meaning that they move around.I can not give you a offset if you ask me for one.The tool was coded to work for everyone and every file from game day release-the latest 2k update both default and custom roster, so of course the offsets will not be the same.

1. You don't need to start your my player season over to use the tool.

2. If a height you selected don't work then try inputting the height you want as (cm).

3. Use tool after rookie showcase.Its best that you do.

4. CF id's change your my player into a NBA player.Make sure you pick the leg color you need for that NBA player.

5.Tool has a help read me that explains leg color and other things.

6. Iverson is not in the game.If you need him you have to make him.



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