Thursday, December 29, 2011


For everyone wondering and questioning 2k update.It does NOT stop you from making cyber face my players..I personally know how to make a CF player on new update.There is no magical by-pass and if someone says there is they are hustling you and it's a shame they would do that.This site I wont mention the site name has some one named "ZeroDev". I learned he requires that you become premium and pay $5 to learn how to do it this is a scam .

To the people who use TUT from here all I ask for is that you give credit.It's obvious where you got the TUT from and if you copy and paste without knowing what your doing....cough...cough..."ZeroDev and Alex". You will of course look like a fool when people ask you for help and you cant help them.



DroseMVP2011 said...

hey bro love your work iv actually been floating around your blogspot for about a month now.
im new to nba 2k modding for xbox 360 but iv been modding pc versions for over 2 years now so hopefully it will be an easy transition, i was hoping if you can show me how to do cf my player's


Anonymous said...

@LAZYRAINBOW, when is the NBA 2K12 SE update expected to release? Because I mod NBA 2K12 for friends, and they wanna know as well as I do.


I have all the info I need for the tool and now Im just bug testing it.I have updated it to meet 2k update now I just need to make sure everything is good to go before I release it.

Droopie28 said...

can't wait, been hovering over this site as well, good work dude

Anonymous said...

none of this is compatible with an imac.

Anonymous said...

Yea, great work @LAZYRAINBOW.

Anonymous said...

one love you tha man


Updated pics to the post called NBA 2K12 UPDATE PREVIEW

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