WWE 12 100% unlock + Extra Stuff

WWE 12

Here a Non DLC savedata.dat file for everyone this save file doesn't have DLC so anyone can use it.I made this becuase I dont have xbox live and Im sure other don't have live but would like wrestlers and arenas .

I also would like anyone with access to community creations to upload caw and arena files via media fire or better.Add a link here or pm me so I can add them to my base file and redistribute amongst the community.Yes its 100 % possible to do it that way I just need files.PLS TY

What you need to know before you start.

You need to have all the created wrestler files,arena files and savedata file provided by Joeman01 and myself in the usb(link to files below). Make sure that you rehash and resign those files INDIVIDUALLY .Make sure your profile ID is correct when you rehash and resign.

When you go in-game it will say the created wrestler file is corrupt and should you over write it. You select yes. It will over write file but don't worry everything is fine.Next, after everything loads SAVE THE FILE via options >save.Enjoy my peeps.

This save includes

- 100% unlock

- Created/Downloaded Superstars:
Chris Benoit, Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy, Hulk Hogan, Rob Van Damn, Hunico, Goldberg, Taz, Sabu,
Chris Jericho, Batista, Rhyno, Diamond Dallas Page, Matt Hardy and Samoa Joe. Provided by Joeman01 (minus slot 2 caw)

-Created/Downloaded Divas:
Mickie James, Lita, Melina, Velvet Sky, Angelina Love, And Winter

- Impact Arena, WCW Thunder Arena, WWF in your house, ECW Arena,
Raw is war 2000, and a Early Smackdown Arena. Provided by Joeman01

- Arenas made by myself TNA,NWO,NITRO &RAW (RAW not so good lol)

link to files:http://depositfiles....files/a6z5suoa2


hader said...

i followed everything at the end when the option came caw file corrupt u should overwrite i followed that and after that i saved the file AFTER evrything loaded but still no CAWS!!



Then you didn't rehash & resign caws properly.Try a different tool for that.Maker sure your doing it one at time.

Anonymous said...

lmfao it froze at checking custom superstar data


Once again if it freezes or doesn't load caws/arenas then you are NOT rehashing and resigning with your profile and device ID correctly.I have had people already use the tut and got everything working.Google rehash and resign for xbox.

I am no longer answering people named anonymous.To many people with that name and different issues.

hader said...

should i rehash and redesign every caw individually?
and will modio work for rehash and redesigning?

BLO said...

cani use the caw injector for the caw you just provided?



Silly question but yes

panos_90 said...

does my xbox need to be Jtag for this to work?


its for retail and jtag.There is also a wwe 12 SE that you can use try it out.

panos_90 said...

sorry to bother you and sound like a noob but my xbox is not jtag it's know...flashed! can I do it?

BLO said...

Well i did everything i was supose to do, profile id (check) Console id (check) R&R individually (check) i load it back up in my xbox, it gave me everything unlocked but no caws, no arens



It means the caws and arenas either A.wasn't rehashed resigned correctly or B.the wasn't rehashed with your profile and device id.

Im sure its either of these issues becuase other where having the same problem then they realized they where forgetting there profile and device id's had to be there own and not the one on the saves.

DJLILJ10 said...

please help i did everthing like you said no arena or caws did everything with horizon one by one redid it twice when i put the caws horizon automatically puts its under my profile id and device id


email me and tell me the stepsyour doing. lazyrainbow@yahoo

panos said...

wroks great man!!! these are some awsome caws btw!!!!

CarmineRock97 said...

and The Rock?

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