NBA 2k 11 my players

Send me save files via

or via Aim chrome3051@aim

I need the save file in a .RAR with a text file in this format with this info

Text file info:
1.Team your my players on
2.Year(s)in NBA your my player has
3.Height of your my player
4.what person u would like
5.what team that person is on
6. your S7 name or AIM name
7.Yes or No (If you have modded the save already)
8.What signatures u would like.

Don't upload saves here  will not work on them.

Send saves via AIM or YAHOO email.

I will organize them by team so check the blog


Anonymous said...

hey how do u make cyberfaces?

War taco said...

great job man!

henry said...

can u make a sav and send it to me?

tv-12 said...

hey I need help getting my player to 99 overall on ps3...anyway you could help me out?


@ tv-12

There is no rehash/resign tool for ps3.I cant help with that.SRY

Anonymous said...

hi, can you edit the draft projection in my player mode nba 2k11?

Anonymous said...

lazyrainbow can u please respond back to youngblozd4@live.comm
thank you
i have some important questions to ask

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