Tuesday, July 19, 2011


***If any question/bugs please feel free to ask.Either through PM or Thread****
***You might have to clear your system cache.Might have to start a new MP too.***

Tool Description:

***MP MODE****
// Select from a list of heights

// Input your own Hex value

//Change weight

// Try "44FF" as value for last two bytes

// Updated Clip Board to save any hex values found etc.

// Clip Board saves your info as MS Word Document

// Reads you current Hexstring and display it

// Edit Skill Points

// Unlock All Jordan (****Don't Forget to back up profile**********)

// Select Any Brand of Jordan 1-40

// Change Shoe trim colors Both home and away

Download Link: SHOE EDITOR V2



BLIZZARD said...

if i unlock the shoes well it work?



Rico said...

wen i load my myplayer after i put skill points on it says Unable to load "Profile" on Memory Unit. The saved content is damaged or unreadable.



You need to "rehash and resign". Go on youtube and find a video that goes step by step on how to do it.Since you are not familiar with rehashing and resigning.I suggest you use Horizon and not modio.

igotyouleakin87 said...

does this work with 2k12????

Anonymous said...

This didn't work (the shoe editor)... just crashed the program completely. :(

tyler bacheller said...

when you pick a height do you have to put a hex code in too? if so does anyone have the 7'6 one

PAOLO said...

this work for nba 2k12?


PAOLO said...

this work for nba 2k12?

A: No

Jeremy Mcintosh said...

lazy can u get a cyberface on it havin download yet but can u

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