Wednesday, July 20, 2011


***If any question/bugs please feel free to ask.Either through email or comment****

***You might have to clear your system cache.Might have to start a new MP too.***

Updated link: Aug 4, 2011   10:25 EST

NBA 2k11 MP Tendency Editor

Tool Description:

***MP MODE****

Change MP Tendencies

Change MP Ovr-All

Help with Tool:

*Max Tendencies will max all Tendencies and save
*Change-All Tendencies will change all tendencies to selected decimal value.This will not save.Make sure you save your desired value.
*Max Ovr-All will max all Attributes skills(a.k.a) Uncapped MP and save

*Use the short-Cut keys for faster selection*

Download Link:
NBA 2K 11 Tendencies SE




what is the error and error code and it working for other people so it must be your cpu.I just dnwloaded it and it works for me


A name like anonymous doesnt help me figure out who im helping

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
2khelp said...
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Lakerfan said...
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Wat is the error code @everyone asking for help if i dont reply to you its becuase u want me to guess your problem and im doing that.Send me the files or error code or a picture or else I cant and wont help.Also send me your name if your name is anonymous I cant help u.To many ppl have that name

Matthew said...

ok LAZYRAINBOW see here i do NOT have any error code, its just that the program won't open after i extract it.i run it by admin on Vista Ultimate 32 bit, but nothing happens. Please help me as my previous post was somehow deleted by a blog admin. Here is my email if you want it to reply back to me
Matthew :D

Darnelle said...

hey mr. rainbow ima screen-cap and show you vs. explaining its just not working and i have vista business with ram its a good pc.

Deontae said...

Can you make a video walkthrough because I dont know what part im messing up on.
Please Help.

Anonymous said...

the program wont open.

Matthew said...

yes LAZYRAINBOW not trying to bug you but i rly need help,..btw, if i run it on my brother's Windows7 Ultimate and my mum's Wondows XP, it gives menot responding error code...thanks.


i just updated tool.check the link.If it opens reply back so everyone knows.

Matthew said...

lazyrainbow please not tryin to be a pest or but can u or anyone else here(not just blog admins) upload to mediafire? cuz my countrys ogovernment blocked the website u upload n..plz dont delete this post, ty :)

john said...

is foul tendency suppose to be high or low?

mike said...

lazyrainbow i appreciate what you doing thank you and i was wondering if the tendency can go higher than 63


Tendencies probably can go higher than 63.I dont see why tool goes to 63 tho.

I havnt used the tool yet so i dont kno about foul tendencies sorry.

I have not played the game since early may.My xbox is in a box waiting to be hooked up since may.

Anonymous said...

Wat do i open

mike said...

@lazy rainbow do you know a way that it can go higher than 63

Anonymous said...

hey just downloaded your Tendency SE and i cant get it to open a .CMG file, does the file have to be unmodded before you edit it?



@anonymous make sure you have package io dll and devcomponent.dotnetbar dll and tool all in one folder

Anonymous said...

So i did that, And now when i go to edit the tendencies, the one's shown on the editor aren't that same as the ones shown on my My player card. And when i edit them, it doesnt change them.



look at the decimal value when ur changing ur tendencies because thats the value u want .make sure u save the file also

Alex said...

First thanks for the editor, man!
I have followed the instruction and tendencies in my player card really changed in spite of applying the editor
to my old MP profile.
But then i've got a question, what the *ell this stuff changes overall and what is this all (mean tendencies) about??
To try i just changed foul tendency and hard foul tendency to zero, but i still get plenty of reaching fouls within a game,
i have changed 3-pt tendency to 99 (and it's shown in MP card as 99) but my shooting percentage beyond the 3-pt arc
did not change at all, then i also changed stealing and pass interception to 99, but nevertheless i can't get more steals in a game
and CPU easily evades most of my stealing attempts. All my skills\attributes for this MP character are maxed out to 99 and it certainly works in games, but looks like tendencies are useless and redundant since i just can't figure out of what they influence???
Why did you bother to create an editor that changes the stuff which does not change a thing in NBA 2k11 My Player?
Or may be i am wrong?!

Hayden Meloche said...

I heard you can make some tendencies way beyond the "max", allowing you to like start an alley oop from the 3 point line. Is this possible? contact at hayden_mel@hotmail.cpm or XBL : iTRIhard0Nu

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