***XBOX 360 ONLY***
CHANGE LOG:1/6/2012

Change log:1/21/2012
Updated to version 2-added playing minutes


A BRAIN(Sold separately)

Things to know:

1.You can drag and drop file inside of tool or use open button.

2. I would SUGGEST YOU NOT mod your my player before the rookie showcase.
Do it after the show case.Do it after the show case.Do it after the show case.

3.Read the help to understand how the contract works and the rest of things in the tool work.

4.Use the bit convertor(UNDER HELP). It has a function to search for NBA players.There is also instruction on how to use it inside the convertor.Remember the CF ID are in decimal and you need HEX CF ID's.CF/Audio id's are used to make your my player into a NBA player

5. This tool works for game day release roster - 2k update 1.04. Both custom and regular files.

 How to edit  .CMG using tool:

1.Load your .CMG using the open button or drag and drop the file inside the tool.

2. Edit the items you would like to change and save those items.

3. Rehash and resign using a tool that works for you.

Trouble Shoot

Package.IO error message
If you cant open tool it then maybe your virus protector is blocking the and trashed it.Disable your virus protector or allow your virus protector to to accept as safe.Also re-download tool so you have

.NET Error
If you get a .Net error saying messing .net ver blah blah blah then use goggle and download what ever version your computer tells you that you need.Then try tool.Here is a link to download the net frame work that is needed.

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Anonymous said...

....ive read everything here..when i upload a save it still says error loading file and closes. used horizon modio xbox 360 tools every

Anonymous said...

umm how to download it

Anonymous said...


steven boswell said...

where is the link where i can download the generator

Anonymous said...

Hey Lazy, i love this program, but when i click max all tendencies and hotspots it doesnt max them out it used to max everything out now it doesnt.

Anonymous said...

I know this doesn't work for ps3 but do u know anyone who has a tut for something Similar for ps3

Anonymous said...

had the same problem with the cmg not loading and i tried nearly everything rename gamesave etc. I used modio to extract the cmg from the usb drive so my last hope was to try a different savegame extractor and i tried horizon... and booom the cmg loads correctly and now i can start to edit :DDD
Anyone who uses modio and gets loading errors should try horizon!

Anonymous said...

I can't open the nba2k12 SE file but my is there, nothing deleted it and it's not blocked by my anti virus program :S any help please??

Anonymous said...

Everyone has worked perfectly thus far, I rehashed and resigned with Modio but the file doesn't show up on when viewing the flash drive in my xbox.

Anonymous said...

I Have done all the necessary steps to extract the .cmg save but every time i try to open the file I get an error message saying that I cant open file then the tool just closes out.

Anonymous said...

do yu have one for a ps3

Anonymous said...

when opening the tool, a window pops up saying the application is incompatible. What do I do

Anonymous said...

Ok i have everything setup correctly but when i open the Nba 2k12 Mp SE and try to drag my file in there it will say it has backed up my file bring up a song on the music player and dont play it and then says its an error loading the file and then close help me please ive looked through all the other comments and found nothing

Anonymous said...

when i try to open it is says error loading file

Ralphh said...

sser can you make in pc too? coz i want the commentator say "dr. j" in my player mode tnxx ;D

Peter McCombie said...

I don't get how the height money weight one works help?

Anonymous said...

Please respond...I cant find the download link, doesnt have to be LAZYRAINBOW. I just need to be able to download

SayItAintTone_ said...

what is the name of this ? im new to cyberface

litlbel said...

When I try to load my .CMG file into the editor it says "error loading file" then closes the editor. I have tried running as admin as well

john said...

i downloaded it and it wont open

Anonymous said...

bonjours j'ai télécharger le logiciel et quand je veut le mettre il me marque error reading file et error loading fille qui peut m'aider s'il vous plait

Harley McInerney said...

how do i download this i cant find the link?? please help me out

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