Sunday, November 25, 2012


Anonymous said...

Can you post some kind of tutorial - video or otherwise - please? I'm faced with files that are named "Data0000" - "Data0005" when I try to see my WWE 13 files on my computer (transfered from 360 hard drvie to usb). Therefore, I cannot find the .dat file this program needs. PLEASE HELP!

Anonymous said...

Ok so I opened up the .dat file after I extracted it with usb xtaf, used your program to edit my caw's gender and then hut the 'fix file' thing. Rehashed and resigned with Modio, then I used usb xtaf to inject this edited savedata.dat file back where it belongs, yet when I try to load the game, I get a 'load failed' error message. This has happened no matter what I try to do and it's giving me a headache. Please respond.

Anonymous said...

Where can I find some good saves because Google isn't really helping !!


I found out whenever you download CAWs, they dont come with entrance music. You have to burn it to a disk, upload to your xbox, and apply it to the wrestlers in the game.

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