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MLB 2K13



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UPDATE 2/22/2013


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Leave a comment on what I should add.

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Should the slider tool get an update? Let me know.


NBA 2K13

I will be working on updating this roster resigner for those who are having trouble. I will also include a resigner for association mode. This should be done tomorrow.  If there is anything else that I should make resigner for please let me know.

Merry X-mas


Hi guys,
I have been out for a while, but I am back in full to update everything that need an update so no worries guys. If there is anything you want me to see about adding to "ANY" mod tool then leave me a comment.

Merry X-mas!!

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Sliders for MP is released

Go here :

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Version released

Go here to get it

Started working on save editor.....

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UGhhhhhh.............Why so mad?

After four post where I try and help people? Really? Really? Really?

At least man up and send me a message before you do it. That way I would respect you more and wouldn't be like WTF who's mystery hater. Is it that my (insert item) is getting attention over there or the fact that you violate your own agreement?


Working on sliders should be Version

Sliders done testing them then will post when we feel its ready.

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NHL 2k 13

You can go here to download the editor.

Posted Image

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Update to NBA 2k 13 SE in the works

Update coming soon keep an eye out for it. ..........

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NBA 2K13


Fix hex edited roster file for xbox 360

How to use:

1) Hex edit your .ros file making all changes you like

2) Open your .ros file you just edited in the SE

3) Click "Save"

4) Load game and do ur thing

Download link for tool:  NBA2K 13 ROS SE

NBA 2K 13 SE

The 2k 13 tool is released you can find it at link below or click on the tool picture above. Happy gaming!!!


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I'm here for you (my peeps)

I been gone for a while and since then have had a ton of comment which I don't mind I love it as a matter of fact. I have gone through them and if you have a question that still is not answered please leave a comment I will address it.

If your question is in regard to finding the download link to download a certain editor then the link is on the same page I'm not sure how it is being missed.

Will I be working on NBA 2k13? Yes!! Yes!! Yes!!

Madden '13 editor is released my peeps. Enjoy.


UPDATED : 9/19/2012
Change log: Added coach mode XP(s)
To get the update just click "File" then Check for update. Simple.

***Special Thanks to iH8 frost for being the one to make this all happen***

Go here to get the editor : MADDEN NFL 13 EDITOR

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I changed the look of it.You can also edit your playing minutes now.GO here......NBA 2K12 MP EDITOR UPDATE 2

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About the my player Offsets....

The offsets are dynamic and not static.Meaning that they move around.I can not give you a offset if you ask me for one.The tool was coded to work for everyone and every file from game day release-the latest 2k update both default and custom roster, so of course the offsets will not be the same.

1. You don't need to start your my player season over to use the tool.

2. If a height you selected don't work then try inputting the height you want as (cm).

3. Use tool after rookie showcase.Its best that you do.

4. CF id's change your my player into a NBA player.Make sure you pick the leg color you need for that NBA player.

5.Tool has a help read me that explains leg color and other things.

6. Iverson is not in the game.If you need him you have to make him.

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The updated tool has been released and working ......go here : BLOG PAGE

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For everyone wondering and questioning 2k update.It does NOT stop you from making cyber face my players..I personally know how to make a CF player on new update.There is no magical by-pass and if someone says there is they are hustling you and it's a shame they would do that.This site I wont mention the site name has some one named "ZeroDev". I learned he requires that you become premium and pay $5 to learn how to do it this is a scam .

To the people who use TUT from here all I ask for is that you give credit.It's obvious where you got the TUT from and if you copy and paste without knowing what your doing....cough...cough..."ZeroDev and Alex". You will of course look like a fool when people ask you for help and you cant help them.

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NBA 2k12 SE Update (Preview)

NBA 2k 12 SE Update
**Coming Friday 1/6/2012**
**Pics Updated  1/4/2012**
**Right click and view pic in new tab to see a larger image of it**

I tested tool on default roster and custom roster on both the 2k latest update and without the latest update and everything is in working order( I will continue to test some more). If you are using someone roster that you like you should be able to make adjustments to your my player without having to revert back to a default roster.

About the SE update:
The reason the update hasn't been out yet is I need to match 2k update so it works for there latest update.Simple as that nothing major.It edits a bunch of things look at pics.Even lets you search for a player, there CF ID and  also a function to convert that ID to hex.


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[TUT] NBA 2K 12 HOW to make my player or created player into cyber face player

NBA 2K12 How to make a My player, Created player into a cyber face player

I want to thank everyone for helping me by testing files or sending files.You all are my m8's.Any questions go head and ask em.

Things you will need:


My player as cyber face player

* All player data is 464 bytes (decimal) or 1D0 (Hex)

1. Open HxD and change the view to 32.Make sure that the offset base says "HEX"

2. Press CTRL + G then Enter offset 4B8888

3. Type in the Cyber Face ID.The ID will always be two bytes.An example of two bytes looks like this (0583).

4. Press CTRL + G then Enter offset 4B88A6

5. Type in the Cyber Face ID.

6. Press CTRL + G then Enter offset 4B8986

7. Press CTRL + G then Enter offset 4B89A0

8.Type in the Cyber Face ID.

9.Type in the Cyber Face ID.

***Leg color***

10. Black legs:

 go to offset 4B8904 and highlight 11 bytes to the right (HEX) and enter (00 14 02 08 00 00 00 08 00 00 00 00 04 80 40 0C 30) this should also give him black legs

White legs:

go to offset 4B8904 and highlight 11 bytes to the right (HEX) and enter
(00 00 02 08 00 15 00 00 00 00 00 00 20 81 00 00 00)

11. Save the file in HxD > Rehash Resign > Load file into xbox

Should look like this

Posted Image

Created Player as Cyber Face Player (Roster file)

1. Open HxD and change the view to 32.Make sure that the offset base says "HEX"

2. Press CTRL + G then Enter offset 8E4A9 (This is the beginning of the this created player data.I believe its also the beginning where all the created players start).All player data is 464 bytes (decimal) or 1D0 (Hex). This offset should have 7 bytes after it  which looks like this (16 22 A1 00 16 22 BF).* *Created players should be in the order they where made**

3. Press CTRL + G then Enter offset 8E4C4

4. Type in the Cyber Face ID. The ID will always be two bytes.An example of two bytes looks like this (0583).

5. Press CTRL + G then Enter offset 8E4E2

6.Type in the Cyber Face ID.

7. Press CTRL + G then Enter offset 8E5C2

8.Type in the Cyber Face ID.

***Leg color***

9. For  black legs

Go to offset 8E542 and highlight 11 bytes to the right and enter (00 00 02 08 00 00 00 08 00 00 00 00 00 80 00 00 00) this should also give him

 For  White legs:

go to offset 8E542 and highlight 11 bytes to the right and enter

(00 00 02 08 00 15 00 00 00 00 00 00 20 81 00 00 00)

10. Save the file in HxD > Rehash Resign > Load file into xbox
Should look like this:

Posted Image

List of CF ID's


This list is from 2k11 and should work unless 2k removed someone
A.J. Price        067A     
Aaron Brooks        059B     
Aaron Gray        060D     
Aaron Dixon        1F5E     
Acie Law        058C     
Adam Morrison        0538     
Adam Keefe        0746     
Adonal  Foyle         01A2     
Adrian Hill        1F8B     
Al Harrington        00ED     
Al Jefferson        048C     
Al Horford        0584     
Al Thornton        058F     
Al Simmons        1F97     
Alan Baker        1F41     
Alando Tucker        0000     
Albert Reed        1F53     
Alex Acker        0628     
Alex Watson        1F83     
Alex  English        030C     
Alexander Rice        1F5B     
Alexis Ajinca        0625     
Al-Farouq Aminu        0710     
Allan Ray        057D     
Allan Hunt        1F9D     
Allen Iverson        0005     
Allen Smith        1FAD     
Alonzo Gee        06BB     
Alonzo  Mourning    03B2     
Alvin Cardona        0361     
Alvin Brooks        1FD5     
Amar'e Stoudemire         
Amir Johnson        05AC     
Anderson Varejao    049B     
Andray Blatche        0510     
Andre Miller        0255     
Andre Iguodala        0486     
Andre Brown        0624     
Andre Sampson        1FF0     
Andrea Bargnani        0536     
Andrei Kirilenko    034F     
Andres Nocioni        04B3     
Andrew Bogut        04E8     
Andrew Bynum        04F1     
Andrew Hartsock        06FE     
Andrew Clark        1FF6     
Andris Biedrins        0488     
Andy Rautins        072E     
Andy Green        1F45     
Antawn Jamison        0106     
Anthony Carter        0006     
Anthony Mason        0092     
Anthony Johnson        01C1     
Anthony Parker        0554     
Anthony Randolph    05F0     
Anthony Roberson    061F     
Anthony Tolliver    0621     
Anthony Morrow        0626     
Anthony Riley        1F7C     
Antoine Wright        04F6     
Antoine  Carr        06E4     
Antoine   Walker    004E     
Antonio McDyess        0101     
Antonio Daniels        019E     
Antonio Hughes        1F91     
Armon Johnson        072A     
Arron Afflalo        059C     
Arthur Williams        1F74     
Artis  Gilmore        0368     
Austin Daye        0653     
Avery Bradley        071B     
Awvee Storey        0000     
B.J. Armstrong        06D8     
Banner David        63C     
Barack  Obama        0745     
Baron Davis        024D     
Barry Myers        1FE3     
Ben Wallace        0023     
Ben Gordon        0480     
Ben Uzoh        0000     
Ben Graham        1FF9     
Beno Udrih        0499     
Bernard Gill        1F6B     
Big Kuntry         687     
Bill Walker        0606     
Bill Cartwright        06C8     
Bill Laimbeer        06D0     
Bill Wennington        06ED     
Bill White        1F9A     
Bill  Russell        02DA     
Bill  Walton        02F1     
Bill  Sharman        0311     
Billy Hollins        1F4C     
Billy  Cunningham    02E7     
Blake Griffin        0640     
Bob  Cousy        02DE     
Bob  Petit        02E0     
Bob  Lanier        02EC     
Bob  Mcadoo        030B     
Bobby Simmons        046A     
Bobby Jones        0572     
Bobby Brown        0623     
Bobby Malone        1F47     
Bobby   Sura        0040     
Bobby   Jackson        01B1     
Boris Diaw        0409     
Brad Miller        01F1     
Brad Daugherty        06CE     
Brad Mason        1F5A     
Brandan Wright        0589     
Brandon Bass        0508     
Brandon Roy        053B     
Brandon Wallace        05B2     
Brandon Rush        05EF     
Brandon Jennings    0648     
Brandon Parker        1F78     
Brendan Haywood        0332     
Brent  Barry        0060     
Brevin Knight        01AA     
Brian Skinner        01BB     
Brian Cook        040B     
Brian Scalabrine    0470     
Brian Cardinal        0479     
Brian Townsend        0558     
Brian Gadson        1FA7     
Brian Ramsey        1FEC     
Brian Henry        1FFD     
Brook Lopez        05EC     
Bruce May        1F65     
Bruce  Bowen        0046     
Bryan Hobbs        1F49     
Bryon Russell        00A2     
Buck Williams        06D6     
Byron Mullens        0654     
Byron Scott        06D2     
C.J. Miles        0513     
C.J. Watson        05DF     
Calvin Booth        0223     
Cannon Don        686     
Carl Landry        05A0     
Carl Young        1FC0     
Carlos Boozer        03A6     
Carlos Arroyo        0443     
Carlos Delfino        04B9     
Carmelo Anthony        03F7     
Caron Butler        038E     
Cartier Martin        0635     
Cedric Simmons        0544     
Chad Faulk        1FFC     
Channing Frye        04EF     
Charles Oakley        00B9     
Charles Oakley        06C0     
Charles Tate        1FDF     
Charlie Villanueva    04EE     
Charlie Bell        051E     
Chase Budinger        065A     
Chauncey Billups    019D     
Cheikh Samb        061C     
Chris Mihm        0278     
Chris Wilcox        038C     
Chris Andersen        03D8     
Chris Bosh        03F8     
Chris Kaman        03FA     
Chris Duhon        04E4     
Chris Paul        04EB     
Chris Quinn        05DE     
Chris Douglas-Roberts    0605     
Chris Darroca        065E     
Chris Hunter        06A4     
Chris Richard        06B8     
Chris Gray        1F8C     
Chris Jennings        1FB9     
Chris Hayes        1FD0     
Chris  Mullin        047A     
Christian Eyenga    076F     
Chuck Hayes        056A     
Chuck Daniels        1F75     
Chucky Atkins        0267     
Clay Davidson        1F44     
Cliff Robinson        0182     
Cliff Levingston    06EB     
Cliff Davis        1F50     
Clyde Drexler        0309     
Clyde Tucker        0000     
Clyde  Drexler         03BB     
Coby Karl        05E2     
Cole Aldrich        0713     
Connie  Hawkins        05B4     
Corey Maggette        0237     
Corey Brewer        0588     
Cory Scott        1F70     
Courtney Lee        05F8     
Craig Smith        05A8     
Craig Ehlo        06CC     
Craig Hodges        06E9     
Craig Brackins        071D     
Craig Lee        1F82     
Curtis Weber        0000     
D.J. Strawberry        0000     
D.J. Augustin        05EB     
D.J. White        0000     
Daequan Cook        0596     
Dahntay Jones        0408     
DaJuan Summers        0000     
Dale Wilson        1FA3     
Damien Wilkins        0517     
Damion James        0720     
Damon Jones        001E     
Damon Porter        1FC7     
Dan Gadzuric        03A5     
Dan Hicks        1FE0     
Dan  Issel        0367     
Dan  Majerle        04BF     
Daniel Ewing        0507     
Daniel Gibson        0552     
Daniel Green        0674     
Daniel Orton        0725     
Danilo Gallinari    05E8     
Danny Granger        04F8     
Danny Ainge        06C3     
Danny Moon        1FB1     
Dante Cunningham    066D     
Darington Hobson    072D     
Darius Miles        0273     
Darius Songaila        046D     
Darko Milicic        03F6     
Darnell Jackson        062B     
Darrell Arthur        05FC     
Darren Collison        0656     
Darren Mack        1FFB     
Darryl Evans        1FE9     
Da'Sean Butler        0732     
Dave Corzine        06C1     
Dave Foster        1FCC     
Dave  Cowens        02E5     
Dave  Bing        02EF     
David Lee        03CE     
David West        0406     
David Harrison        049A     
David Lee        0505     
David Copelovici    0557     
David Noel        05A9     
David Andersen        069D     
David Miller        0767     
David Miller        076E     
David Miller        0777     
David Miller        077D     
David Miller        0784     
David Miller        078D     
David Miller        0796     
David Miller        079F     
David Miller        07A9     
David Miller        07B2     
David Miller        07BC     
David Washington    1F88     
David Perry        1FBD     
David  Thompson        02F3     
David  Robinson        03BF     
Dean House        1F80     
DeAndre Jordan        0602     
Dee Brown        0564     
DeJuan Blair        064B     
Delonte West        0495     
DeMar DeRozan        0645     
DeMarcus Nelson        061B     
DeMarcus Cousins    070D     
DeMarre Carroll        0667     
Demetris Nichols    0619     
Dennis Johnson        06C2     
Dennis Rodman        06CF     
Dennis Rodman        06E0     
Dennis Rodman        06E7     
Dennis Jones        1F72     
Derek Fisher        00C6     
Derek Harper        06DC     
Derek Schroeder        1F64     
DerMarr Johnson        0276     
Deron Williams        04EA     
Derrick Byars        05A6     
Derrick Rose        05E3     
Derrick Brown        065D     
Derrick Favors        070B     
Derrick Caracter    0742     
Derrick Gibson        1F52     
DeSagana Diop        032A     
DeShawn Stevenson    0287     
Desmon Farmer        0622     
Desmond Mason        0281     
Detlef Schrempf        04C1     
Devean George        024E     
Devin Brown        047D     
Devin Harris        0482     
Devin Ebanks        0733     
DeVon Hardin        0609     
Dexter Pittman        0728     
Dijon Thompson        0514     
Dion Peete        0574     
Dirk Nowitzki        015D     
DJ Mbenga        04B7     
DJ Whoo Kid         688     
Doc Rivers        06CA     
Dolph  Schayes        02E1     
Dominique Wilkins    0302     
Dominique Jones        0721     
Don Hale        1F46     
Donell Taylor        0000     
Donte Greene        05FD     
Dontell Jefferson    063A     
Donyell  Marshall     018D     
Dorell Wright        0490     
Doug Martin        1F4E     
Drew Gooden        0388     
Drew Cook        1FD9     
Dwayne Jones        05E1     
Dwayne Collins        0744     
Dwight Howard        047E     
Dwight Neal        1FEF     
Dwyane Wade        03F9     
Earl Watson        034D     
Earl Boykins        037B     
Earl Barron        0524     
Earl Clark        064A     
Earl  Monroe        02EB     
Ed Nealy        06EC     
Ed Davis        0715     
Ed Jacobs        1FEA     
Eddie House        0290     
Eddie Banks        1FDE     
Eddie  Jones         0042     
Eddie  Griffin        0324     
Eddy Curry        0323     
Eduardo Najera        0346     
Edward Monroe        1FBF     
Ekpe Udoh        070E     
Elgin  Baylor        02DC     
Elliot Williams        071E     
Elliot Shaw        1F7E     
Elton Brand        0226     
Emeka Okafor        047F     
Eric Gordon        05E9     
Eric Maynor        064D     
Eric Bledsoe        071A     
Eric Dillard        074B     
Eric Nelson        1F8F     
Erick Dampier        010C     
Erick Boenisch        057A     
Erik Anderson        1F67     
Ersan Ilyasova        0509     
Etan Thomas        027C     
Eugene Jeter        0769     
Evan Turner        070A     
Evan Oliver        1F4D     
Fabricio Oberto        0518     
Fang Yi Zhang        06F2     
Flip Murray        0475     
Francisco Elson        0471     
Francisco Garcia    04FE     
Frank Harrison        1FF7     
Fred Jones        0392     
Fred Maxwell        1F96     
Fu Kuan Lin        06F4     
Gabe Pruitt        05A1     
Gabe Thomas        1FE5     
Gail  Goodrich        02F5     
Gani Lawal        0736     
Garret Siler        0772     
Garrett Temple        06BA     
Gary Payton        0146     
Gary Neal        0707     
Gary Forbes        0768     
Gary Jackson        1F40     
George Gervin        02E8     
George Hill        05FB     
George Turner        1F6A     
George  Mikan        02E4     
Gerald Wallace        0342     
Gerald Green        04F9     
Gerald Henderson    0650     
Gerald Randolph        1F4F     
Gilbert Arenas        0335     
Glen Davis        05A3     
Glen Roberts        1F95     
Glen  Rice        03B5     
Goran Dragic        0613     
Goran Suton        0678     
Gordon Hayward        0711     
Gordon Harris        1FBC     
Grant Hill        011B     
Grant Cross        1FEB     
Grant  Hill         03AD     
Grayson Boucher        05CC     
Greg Thomas        01F8     
Greg Buckner        0247     
Greg Oden        0582     
Greg Monroe        070F     
Greg Dailey        1FD7     
Greg  Ostertag         00A1     
Greivis Vasquez        0724     
Hakeem  Olajuwon    036E     
Hakeem  Olajuwon    03B8     
Hakim Warrick        04FA     
Hal Brown        1F55     
Hal  Greer        02E3     
Hamady N'diaye        0740     
Hamed Haddadi        0617     
Harvey Thomas        1F66     
Hasheem Thabeet        0642     
Hassan Adams        0580     
Hassan Whiteside    0729     
Hedo Turkoglu        0280     
Henry Arnold        1F85     
Herman Fok        0578     
Hersey Hawkins        06E2     
Hilton Armstrong    0541     
Horace Grant        06C7     
Howard Stokes        0000     
Hugh Powell        1FE2     
Ian Mahinmi        0615     
Ike Diogu        04F0     
Ime Udoka        055E     
Ishmael Smith        076C     
Isiah Thomas        02FF     
Ivan Myers        063D     
J.J. Redick        0540     
J.J. Hickson        05F5     
J.J. Barea        060E     
J.R. Smith        048F     
J.R. Giddens        05FF     
Jack McClinton        0679     
Jack  Skima        0306     
Jackie Butler        056F     
Jacque Vaughn        01B5     
Jake Voskuhl        0000     
Jake Robinson        1F89     
Jamaal Magloire        0283     
Jamaal Tinsley        032E     
Jamal Crawford        0277     
Jamal Sampson        051A     
Jamario Moon        05BD     
Jameer Nelson        0491     
James Posey        0240     
James Worthy        0308     
James Jones        04B5     
James Singleton        0519     
James White        0581     
James Augustine        05B6     
James Harden        0643     
James Johnson        0649     
James Edwards        06D1     
James Anderson        071C     
James Smith        0766     
James Smith        0768     
James Smith        0771     
James Smith        077E     
James Smith        0787     
James Smith        0799     
James Smith        07A3     
James Smith        07AC     
James Smith        07B6     
James Long        1FB2     
James Lucas        1FEE     
Jannero Pargo        03E1     
Jared Jeffries        038F     
Jared Dudley        0597     
Jared Jordan        05A7     
Jared Gordon        1FF1     
Jarrett Jack        04FD     
Jarron Collins        03C6     
Jarvis Hayes        03FE     
Jarvis Varnado        0731     
Jason Kidd        00E2     
Jason Williams        01D4     
Jason Terry        0258     
Jason Richardson    0325     
Jason Collins        0337     
Jason Kapono        0413     
Jason Hart        0478     
Jason Maxiell        0501     
Jason Smith        0595     
Jason Thompson        0000     
Jason Mills        1F98     
Jason Perkinson        1FB4     
Jason  Kidd         03C3     
JaVale McGee        05F4     
Javaris Crittenton    0594     
Jawad Williams        062C     
Jay Iwahashi        063E     
Jay Walters        0000     
Jeff Hornacek        009D     
Jeff Foster        022D     
Jeff Green        0586     
Jeff Teague        0651     
Jeff Pendergraph    066B     
Jeff Adrien        076B     
Jeff Norris        1F48     
Jeremy Richardson    05E0     
Jeremy Evans        073F     
Jeremy Lin        0766     
Jeremy Ryan        1FDD     
Jermaine O'Neal        0189     
Jermaine Taylor        066C     
Jermareo Davidson    05DC     
Jerome James        0378     
Jerome Kersey        06D5     
Jerome Jordan        0734     
Jerry Stackhouse    0008     
Jerry Saunders        1F5D     
Jerry  Lucas        02E2     
Jerry  West        02F4     
Jerryd Bayless        05ED     
Jerson Sapida        05D6     
Jesse Price        1FE8     
Jianlian Yi        0587     
Jimmy Drew        1FE1     
Jin Liu                06F1     
Jing Liu        05C2     
Joakim Noah        058A     
Jodie Meeks        0671     
Joe Smith        0192     
Joe Johnson        0327     
Joe Dumars        04BD     
Joe Alexander        05EA     
Joe Patterson        1F90     
Joe Morris        1FC9     
Joe Beck        1FE4     
Joel Przybilla        0279     
Joel Anthony        062F     
Joel Fisher        1F6C     
Joey Graham        04F7     
Joey Dorsey        0601     
Johan Petro        0500     
John Stockton        00A3     
John Salmons        039E     
John Lucas        056D     
John Paxson        06C4     
John Williams        06CD     
John Starks        06DD     
John Wall        0709     
John Brown        0765     
John Brown        076C     
John Brown        0776     
John Brown        077C     
John Brown        0783     
John Brown        078C     
John Brown        0795     
John Brown        0798     
John Brown        079E     
John Brown        07A2     
John Brown        07A8     
John Brown        07B1     
John Brown        07B5     
John Brown        07BB     
John Hart        1F68     
John Sharp        1F77     
John Ross        1FAF     
John  Havlicek        02DF     
Johnnie Yang        01FD     
Jon Brockman        066F     
Jon Barnes        1FED     
Jonas Jerebko        0670     
Jonathan Bender        023B     
Jonathan Gregory    055A     
Jonny Flynn        064E     
Jordan Farmar        054F     
Jordan Hill        0644     
Jordan Crawford        0723     
Jose Calderon        0525     
Josh Howard        040E     
Josh Childress        0483     
Josh Smith        048E     
Josh Boone        054C     
Josh McRoberts        05A4     
Josh Powell        05DB     
Josh Larson        1F5F     
Jrue Holiday        0647     
Juan Dixon        0395     
Jud Buechler        06E8     
Julian Wright        058E     
Julien Bares        05C0     
Julius Hodge        04FB     
Julius  Erving         02FE     
Julius  Erving         0366     
Jun Zhang        06EE     
Justin Reed        04E5     
Justin Williams        05BB     
Juwan Howard        001F     
Kareem Rush        0398     
Karl Malone        009F     
Karl Fuller        1FA1     
Karl  Malone         03B9     
Keith Bogans        0419     
Keith McLeod        04BC     
Keith Gallon        0737     
Keith Bailey        1FAE     
Keith  Van Horn        019C     
Kelenna Azubuike    05AA     
Kendrick Perkins    040C     
Kenny Thomas        0229     
Kenny Adams        1F43     
Kenyon Martin        0271     
Kevin Willis        013E     
Kevin Garnett        016D     
Kevin McHale        02FC     
Kevin Martin        0497     
Kevin Durant        0583     
Kevin Love        05E7     
Kevin Seraphin        0719     
Kevin Jefferson        1FF4     
Kevin  Johnson        044D     
Kevin   Duckworth    06D7     
Keyon Dooling        027A     
Kingsoul         68B     
Kirk Hinrich        03FB     
Kirk Snyder        048D     
Kirk Stevens        1FBB     
Kobe Bryant        00C3     
Kosta Koufos        05F9     
Kris Humphries        048B     
Kurt Thomas        0000     
Kurt Law        1F76     
Kwame Brown        0320     
Kyle Lai-Fatt        029A     
Kyle Korver        0466     
Kyle Lowry        054D     
Kyle Weaver        0604     
Kyle Macy        06BD     
Kyle James        1FDC     
Kyrylo Fesenko        05A5     
Lamar Odom        0234     
LaMarcus Aldridge    0537     
Lance Stephenson    0730     
Lance Johnson        1F42     
Landry Fields        072F     
Larry Hughes        0100     
Larry Bird        02FD     
Larry Nance        044E     
Larry Sanders        0717     
Larry Douglas        1F54     
Larry  Johnson        0571     
Latavious Williams    0738     
Lawrence Roberts    0561     
Lazar Hayward        0726     
Leandro Barbosa        040D     
LeBron James        03F5     
Lee McDaniel        1F73     
Lenny  Wilkens        02F8     
Leon Powe        0560     
Lester Hudson        067F     
Lewis George        1F61     
Linas Kleiza        0502     
Lindsey Hunter        011C     
Linton Johnson        0562     
Lorenzen   Wright    005F     
Lou Anthony        1F94     
Louis Williams        051B     
Louis Amundson        0627     
Lu Su             
Luc Longley        06E1     
Luc Richard Mbah a Moute    0603     
Luis Scola        05AB     
Luis Perkins        1FA9     
Luke Ridnour        0402     
Luke Walton        0000     
Luke Jackson        0487     
Luke Babbitt        0718     
Luke Harangody        073C     
Luol Deng        0484     
Luther Head        04FF     
Lynell Jinks        03D0     
Lynn Greer        05B7     
Maceo Baston        062D     
Magic Johnson        030A     
Magnum Rolle        073B     
Malik Rose        019A     
Malik Allen        03D6     
Malik Hairston        0607     
Manny Harris        0770     
Manu Ginobili        03CA     
Marc Gasol        060C     
Marc Williams        1F51     
Marcin Gortat        0631     
Marco Belinelli        0593     
Marcus Camby        0127     
Marcus Banks        0401     
Marcus Williams        054B     
Marcus Thornton        0673     
Marcus Landry        06A1     
Mardy Collins        0566     
Mario West        05BF     
Mario Chalmers        05F6     
Mark Madsen        028C     
Mark Blount        0341     
Mark Price        06CB     
Mark Mitchell        1F84     
Marko Jaric        03DB     
Marquis Daniels        046F     
Marreese Speights    05F2     
Martell Webster        04ED     
Marvin Williams        0000     
Marvin Owens        1F59     
Matt Hamre        01F7     
Matt Barnes        04AA     
Matt Carroll        051D     
Matt Bonner        0526     
Matt Townsend        0559     
Matt Janning        076E     
Matt Hall        1FA4     
Matt Rush        1FD1     
Matt  Harpring         00E8     
Maurice Evans        04B4     
Maurice Ager        0551     
Maurice  Lucas        0313     
Maurice  Cheeks        044A     
Mehmet Okur        03E0     
Melvin Ely        0390     
Michael Finley        0161     
Michael Redd        0345     
Michael Sweetney    03FD     
Michael Ruffin        04A6     
Michael Conley        0585     
Michael Beasley        05E4     
Michael Jordan        06BE     
Michael Jordan        06C5     
Michael Jordan        06D9     
Michael Jordan        06DF     
Michael Girardot    06FB     
Michael Davis        0764     
Michael Davis        076B     
Michael Davis        076F     
Michael Davis        0774     
Michael Davis        077A     
Michael Davis        0781     
Michael Davis        078A     
Michael Davis        0793     
Michael Davis        079C     
Michael Davis        07A1     
Michael Davis        07A6     
Michael Davis        07AF     
Michael Davis        07B9     
Michael Rogers        1FA5     
Michael Gooding        1FC6     
Michael Ray Richardson    036D     
Michael  Cooper        0370     
Mickael Pietrus        03FF     
Mickael Gelabale    056E     
Mike Bibby        003B     
Mike Miller        0275     
Mike Dunleavy        0387     
Mike James        03DF     
Mike Wang        04DC     
Mike Wilks        0528     
Mike Taylor        0000     
Mike Harris        06BC     
Mike Nicholson        1FF5     
Mikki Moore        0268     
Mims                 0684     
Ming Yao        0385     
Mitch Paul        1F81     
Mitch  Richmond        00AE     
Mo Williams        046C     
Monta Ellis        050C     
Morris Peterson        0285     
Morris Almond        059A     
Moses Malone        02FB     
Mouhamed Sene        053F     
Nat Marrinson        025A     
Nate Robinson        04FC     
Nate Arthur        1F8D     
Nate  Thurmond        02DB     
Nate   Archibald    02EE     
Nathan Jawai        0616     
Nathan Duncan        1FB3     
Nazr Mohammed        0150     
Nelson Smith        1FD4     
Nemanja Bjelica        072B     
Nenad Krstic        0634     
Nick Jones        02C5     
Nick Collison        0400     
Nick Young        0591     
Nick Fazekas        05A2     
Nick Calathes        065C     
Nick Gregory        1F58     
Nick  Van Exel         00CD     
Nicolas Batum        05FA     
Nikki Lukas        0660     
Nikola Pekovic        0748     
Nino Samuel        074A     
O.J. Mayo        05E5     
Oleksiy Pecherov    0547     
Omer Asik        0767     
Omri Casspi        0664     
Orien Greene        051F     
Orlando Woolridge    06BF     
Oscar  Robertson    02DD     
Othello Hunter        062A     
Pape Sy                073D     
Pat Ellis        1FF8     
Patrick Ewing        03AC     
Patrick O'Bryant    053E     
Patrick Ewing Jr    0614     
Patrick Mills        0655     
Patrick Beverley    0672     
Patrick Patterson    0716     
Patrick Holt        1FD3     
Patrick  Ewing         036A     
Pau Gasol        0329     
Paul Pierce        0188     
Paul Millsap        0563     
Paul Davis        05B9     
Paul Thibodeaux        06FC     
Paul George        0712     
Paul Sherman        1F8A     
Paulao Prestes        0735     
Peja Stojakovic        0000     
Pete Morrison        1FD8     
Pete  Maravich        02EA     
Peter Atkins        1FBA     
Phil Jones        1FB5     
Pitbull         68A     
Pops Mensah-Bonsu    0638     
Primoz Brezec        0376     
Qiang Pan Chen        06F0     
Quentin Richardson    0282     
Quincy Douby        0548     
Quincy Pondexter    0722     
Quinn Kaneko        0355     
Quinton Ross        04AD     
Raef  LaFrentz         010A     
Rafer Alston        026B     
Raja Bell        033C     
Rajon Rondo        054A     
Ralph Jones        1FD2     
Ramon Sessions        05DA     
Randolph Morris        0618     
Randy Foye        053C     
Randy Rivas        05D1     
Randy Ford        1FBE     
Rashad McCants        04F5     
Rashard Lewis        0113     
Rasheed  Wallace     0185     
Rasho Nesterovic    0159     
Rasual Butler        03A9     
Ray Allen        000D     
Ray Brown        1F7D     
Raymond Felton        04EC     
Raymond Howard        1F5C     
Reggie Evans        0477     
Reggie Williams        0000     
Reggie  Theus        0310     
Renaldo Balkman        0549     
Rhys Jones        05D0     
Rich Payton        1F7F     
Richard Hamilton    0243     
Richard Jefferson    0330     
Richard Hendrix        0608     
Richard Johnson        076D     
Richard Johnson        0770     
Richard Johnson        0772     
Richard Johnson        0778     
Richard Johnson        077F     
Richard Johnson        0786     
Richard Johnson        0788     
Richard Johnson        078F     
Richard Johnson        0791     
Richard Johnson        0797     
Richard Johnson        079A     
Richard Johnson        07A0     
Richard Johnson        07A4     
Richard Johnson        07AA     
Richard Johnson        07AD     
Richard Johnson        07B3     
Richard Johnson        07B7     
Richard Best        1FC5     
Rick Lewis        1F9B     
Rick  Barry        02F2     
Ricky Davis        008A     
Ricky Reid        1F6D     
Rob Jones        04DB     
Rob Kurz        0633     
Rob Terry        1FA6     
Rob Strong        0000     
Robert Parish        0301     
Robert Swift        0489     
Robert Vaden        067C     
Robert Williams        0769     
Robert Williams        0773     
Robert Williams        0779     
Robert Williams        0780     
Robert Williams        0789     
Robert Williams        0000     
Robert Williams        079B     
Robert Williams        07A5     
Robert Williams        07AB     
Robert Williams        07AE     
Robert Williams        07B4     
Robert Williams        07B8     
Robin Lopez        05F1     
Rodney Carney        0545     
Rodney Stuckey        0000     
Rodrigue Beaubois    0665     
Roger Mason        03A2     
Roko Ukic        0611     
Rolando  Blackman    05CE     
Ron Artest        023D     
Ron Harper        06DE     
Ron Hunter        1FCB     
Ronald Dupree        0469     
Ronnie Brewer        0543     
Ronnie Price        0565     
Ronny Turiaf        050A     
Roth Asher        0685     
Roy Tse                04E0     
Roy Hibbert        05F3     
Roy Simpson        1FA0     
Royal Ivey        04E6     
Rudy Gay        053D     
Rudy Fernandez        0599     
Rui Tang        06F3     
Russell Westbrook    05E6     
Russell Williams    1FA2     
Ryan Gomes        0511     
Ryan Hollins        05DD     
Ryan Anderson        05F7     
Ryan Bowen        0630     
Ryan Richards        0739     
Ryan Reid        0741     
Ryan Peete        1F9C     
Salim Stoudamire             
Sam Young        0657     
Sam Perkins        06D3     
Sam Perkins        06E3     
Sam Park        1F69     
Samardo Samuels        0771     
Samuel Dalembert    033A     
Sasha Pavlovic        0407     
Sasha Vujacic        0000     
Scott Francis        1F99     
Scottie Pippen        06C6     
Scottie Pippen        06DA     
Scottie  Pippen     03AE     
Sean Marks        013C     
Sean May        04F4     
Sean Williams        0592     
Sean Singletary        0612     
Sean Price        0705     
Sean Richardson        1F71     
Sebastian Telfair    048A     
Semih Erden        076A     
Serge Ibaka        06A2     
Sergio Rodriguez    055F     
Seung-Jin Ha        049D     
Shane Battier        0322     
Shannon Brown        054E     
Shaquille O'Neal    00C9     
Shaquille O'neal    03B4     
Shaun Livingston    0481     
Shavlik Randolph    051C     
Shawn Kemp        0143     
Shawn Marion        0238     
Shawn Lee        063B     
Shawne Williams        0546     
Shelden Williams    053A     
Sherron Collins        0708     
Sidney  Moncrief    036B     
Slim Thug         68C     
Smush Parker        03DC     
Solomon Jones        05AD     
Solomon Alabi        073A     
Sonny Weems        0620     
Speedy  Claxton     0284     
Spencer Hawes        058B     
Spencer  Haywood    02F7     
Spud Webb        0000     
Stacey King        06EA     
Stanley Robinson    0743     
Stephen Jackson        005D     
Stephen Graham        062E     
Stephen Curry        064C     
Stephen MacDonald    06FD     
Stephon Marbury        0171     
Steve Kerr        002D     
Steve Nash        0166     
Steve Blake        0418     
Steve Novak        056C     
Steve Park        05D9     
Steve Woods        1FAC     
Steve  Francis         0242     
Steve  Smith        03B7     
Steven Hunter        0338     
Steven Hill        0632     
Steven Barry        1FFA     
Stromile Swift        0272     
Su Jun Ji        06EF     
Sundiata Gaines        06A5     
T.J. Ford        03FC     
Taj Gibson        0666     
Tarence Kinsey        057E     
Taylor Griffin        0676     
Tayshaun Prince        039B     
Terrence Williams    0652     
Terrico White        0000     
Terry Porter        06D4     
Thabo Sefolosha        0542     
Thaddeus Young        058D     
The Game         682     
Theo Ratliff        0120     
Thomas Anderson        057C     
Thomas Gardner        0629     
Thomas Lloyd        1FCD     
Tiago Splitter        0747     
Tibor Pleiss        0727     
Tim Duncan        019B     
Tim Thomas        0000     
Tim Schroeder        057B     
Tim Russell        1FC1     
Tim  Hardaway        0081     
Timofey Mozgov        0749     
Ting Sun        0000     
Todd Williams        0000     
Tom Thompson        0000     
Tom  Chambers        0307     
Toney Douglas        0669     
Toni Kukoc        002E     
Tony Battie        019F     
Tony Parker        0347     
Tony Allen        0496     
Tony Hamilton        1FC8     
Tor Unsworth        0000     
Tracy McGrady        01A3     
Travis Outlaw        040A     
Travis Diener        050B     
Trenton Hassell        0380     
Trevor Ariza        04B6     
Trevor Booker        071F     
Trey Johnson        0639     
Troy Murphy        0328     
Twista                 0689     
Ty Lawson        064F     
Tyler Hansbrough    0658     
Tyreke Evans        0646     
Tyronn  Lue        012F     
Tyrus Thomas        0539     
Tyson Chandler        0321     
Udonis Haslem        04A5     
Vassilis Spanoulis    056B     
Viktor Khryapa        0493     
Vince Carter        006E     
Vlade Divac        008F     
Vladimir Radmanovic    032D     
Von Wafer        061D     
Wale                 0683     
Wally Szczerbiak    023C     
Walt  Frazier        02E9     
Walter Herrmann        05AE     
Walter Sharpe        0600     
Wayne Ellington        0668     
Wes Carter        1FCA     
Wesley Matthews        06A3     
Wesley Johnson        070C     
West Kanye        662     
Will Solomon        0610     
Will Bynum        061A     
Will Perdue        06DB     
Will Rose        1FB8     
William Jones        0763     
William Jones        076A     
William Jones        077B     
William Jones        0782     
William Jones        0785     
William Jones        078B     
William Jones        078E     
William Jones        0794     
William Jones        079D     
William Jones        07A7     
William Jones        07B0     
William Jones        07BA     
Willie Green        047C     
Willie Warren        073E     
Willis  Reed        02ED     
Wilson Chandler        0598     
Wilt  Chamberlain    02F0     
Xavier Henry        0714     
Xavier  Mcdaniel    036F     
Xiao Qiang Xu        05C4     
Yakhouba Diawara    0568     
Yi Jin                06F6     
Yi Ming Mao        06F5     
Ying Zheng Liu        05C3     
Yue Sun             
Zach Randolph        0336     
Zach Timmerman        05D5     
Zaza Pachulia        046E     
Zydrunas Ilgauskas    0043     

Good Luck!!!!!!

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